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9 Ways to Forex Trading | Slow and Fast Pairs

9 Ways to Forex Trading Slow and Fast Pairs information in Urdu and Hindi by Tani Forex. In this tutorial you find answer of simple Question Slow pairs are Fast Pairs what is best for me? All question of this answer in Urdu and Hindi in this tutorial.

First remember in mind currency pairs depend on your experience and strategies. For beginners Slow currencies pairs best. First part in this tutorial you find information about top 3 slow and top 3 fast currency pairs. in Slow list First EUR USD, USD CHF And EUR GBP. In 2nd Fast currency pairs list GBPJPY, EUR JPY And GBP USD. Experience trader maximum use fast currencies pair for trading. For those traders who use stop loss fast pairs best and without stop loss trading slow pairs always choose.

Long term trading slow pairs and for short term trading fast pairs. Hedging is one of the famous way to earn profit. experience is very important for Hedging. Fast currencies pairs is best for Hedging. Scalping is 2nd name of short term. For scalping also fast pairs is best. Intraday trading all pairs is best if you broker spread is low. For low risk slow pairs and traders use fast pairs for High risk and News trading strategies.

For more information about 9 Ways to Forex Trading Slow and Fast Pairs watch below Tani Forex Urdu tutorial. For more profitable Forex trading strategies subscribe us on You Tube.

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