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500% Profit in One Event trade special trick

500% Profit in One Event trade special trick By Tani forex in Urdu and Hindi. This trade only one time. not possible for you that you put this trade every day.

25 Feb 2018 ( Sunday ) Italian Parliamentary Election. This day market off and next day market give huge gap. possible that market eur usd gap 100+ pips. and this is also possible USD Jpy gap Round about 200 pips.

First open 2 different account and choose your budget. if you want to work in 200$ then deposit 100$ in each account. Market close time in Pakistan 3.00 Pm. in 1 Mints before 23 Feb open 1 Trade buy and in 2nd Account trade sell. in 100$ put trade 0.50 lot. in every 20 pips one account wash and one account double.

Close trade when market open In Monday Morning. if market make 100 pips gap then total profit 500%. this is high risk trading but i think very very profitable. if market give just 5 pips gap then total loss is spread loss.

Special for you that you use for this strategy fix spread account. if you broker give you trade able bonus. For more information watch below video. all information in this video In Urdu and Hindi language. We provide daily 1 Forex topic video on You Tube channel. Just click here and join us on You Tube.

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