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Best News Trading Simple & Easy Strategy

Best News Trading Simple & Easy Strategy Tani Forex special and very profitable tutorial in Hindi and Urdu. In this tutorial very simple Forex trading short term scalping strategy. just 5/6 trades in a month. in the end of month 50% to 200%. No loss Forex simple and very easy strategy by Tani Forex in Hindi and Urdu.

In this tutorial information about November month trading. First news 1st November 2018. GBP BOE inflation report data Pakistan time 5.00 PM. open 2 difference account in one personal aria. one thing remember in mind open special account just for this news trading strategy. if you don’t know click on open account and open Free account in 2 mints. after this contact on live chat and says i am from tani group give us 1.1000 leverage account. open fix spread account. best pair for this GBP news GBP USD. in one account trade buy 0.50 on 100$ account. 10 to 15 second before trade.

2nd news on first Friday of November 2 Nov 2018. USD and CAD pair news. same first news on 2 account trade. one account wash and in 2nd account profit. 3rd trade on same strategy 13 November 2018 Pakistan time 2.30 PM. 4th news date 14 November 2018. USD cpi news in 6.30 pm Pakistan time. 5th and last news 23 November  2018 CAD Cpi.

in CAD on 100$ account your trade size 0.65 on USD CAD pair. other pairs 0.50 lots size on every news. on every 20 pips one account wash and 2nd account double. if any news market movement 60 pips then your 100$ account 0 and 2nd 100$ account 100$ to 400$. total in your trades profit. if market touch 20 pips and then back on entry point then modify take profit 22 pips. 2 account wash possible but very low chance of loss. for more information about live news trading strategy watch below video tutorial.

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