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The Future of Cryptocurrencies Tutorial about Bitcoin, Lite coin and Ripple

The Future of Cryptocurrencies Tutorial about Bitcoin, Lite coin and Ripple by Tani Forex in Urdu and Hindi. This is very special about Cryptocurrency. Future of Bitcoin, Ripple, Lite coin Ethereum. History of Cryptocurrency and Lite coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple also topic on this tutorial. all information in This tutorial in Urdu and hindi.

If we know about Cryptocurrencies history few month ago in Some last months of 2017. Cryptoccurrencies make a world record specially Bitcoin. in all over the world this is 1st currency and touch high on 19400$ round about. Ripple high rate round about 3.50$ and lite coin touch high price round about 375$. in 2017 Ethereum high price round about 1370$.

In start of 2018 Cryptocurrency price down. and in just 4 month Bitcoin low of 2018 6200$. what is the reason of This position? this is Question of any traders. What is next movement of Bitcoin? i think in 2018 Bitcoin once again hit on 13000$ to 15000$. Ripple last years high 3.50$ but few days ago ripple rate just 0.48$. Today Ripple Price 0.82$. what is the next movement of Ripple? This is very important Question. we thing in 2018 Ripple hit once again 1.50$ to 1.80$.

Lite coin is one of the Biggest and best Cryptocurrency. very famous and all over the world thousands Business man invest in Lite Coin. Lite coin touch on Highest rate in December 2017. High rate of lite coin Round about 375$. and in just 4 month lite coin rate is very down and hit some days ago 97$. if i say that lite coin is very dangerous for trading this is not wrong. Now Question is what is the next movement of Lite coin? we give an idea lite coin touch in 2018 250$. Now lite coin rate 145.04. for long term this is best for trading.

First biggest Coin in Cryptocurrency is Bitcoin and 2nd is Ethereum. Very high risk And Fast Currency. This time Ethereum rate 641.29 but few days ago Ehteroum rate is just 379.03$. in end of December 2017 Ethereum coin hit on high rate 1373.92$. but in start of 2018 Ethereum crash. What is the next rate of This Cryptocurrency this is Question of Traders? In 2018 our idea Ethereum touch once again 950$.

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