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Octafx Fix , XM Zero Or FBS Zero spread Best account For News Trading

Octafx Fix , XM Zero Or FBS Zero spread Best account For News Trading by Tani Forex in Hindi and Urdu. In this tutorial review of 3 difference accounts of 3 brokers. news trading is one of the profitable way to profit in Foreign exchange business. one thing remember in mind News trading also a high risky way. if you have no plan just loss no profit. In this tutorial information of Octafx Fix spread account , XM zero spread & FBS zero spread account review. all information in this tutorial in Hindi & Urdu by Tani Forex.

In Pakistan and India our maximum followers trade on Octafx trading broker. Octafx provide fix spread account. in this fix spread account EUR USD 2 pips fix spread other USD pairs spread like GBP USD, USD CAD 3 pip. but now i share very dangerous point for this octa forex fix spread account. in news time and day change time in fix spread account spread increase. In EUR USD pair spread on day change and news time 4 pips. GBP USD and other USD pairs spread on day change time 5 pips. we don’t know what is this? here many question in our mind if Octafx increase spread why name of this account ” Fix spread account’. if in news time spread increase then why any trader give in other time 2 pip high spread? we contact Octafx seniors but no positive result. In tani Forex octa give 1.1000 this is best for news trading. over not a good broker for news trading 25% chance of loss in this Octafx Fix spread account.

XM is one of the biggest trading broker of the world. but if we view in other face this is one of the biggest scammer broker of the world. XM provide zero spread account. some traders thing that this is best account and best broker for news trading. Totally wrong, 100% wrong scammer broker and just loss. First thing 1.500 leverage is very low. for news trading our strategies not work on 1.500 leverage. 2nd XM charge very high commission on zero spread account. this is as low as zero spread account. i don’t know why this account name zero spread account. i think best name of this trading account ” High spread account.’. some time i saw this XM zero spread account spread on news time 9+ pips. in this spread account 90% chance of loss in Tani News trading strategies. so don’t try to work on this highest scammer broker account.

FBS zero spread account better then others. leverage 1.3000 very best for high risk news trading. EUR USD commission per lot 20$ equal 2 pips. 2 problem in this broker first not easy deposit and withdraw in this broker. 2nd trade execution on news time not good. if you use one account buy and one account sell strategy then always trade 15 second before. if you in Tani Forex group then deposit and withdraw not a big problem for you. one more bad point of FBS trading broker if you trade on 2 accounts in one personal aria and your balance high then negative balance FBS cut in 2nd account. so always use 2 different personal aria accounts on Tani News trading strategies. so just for late execution 5% of loss.

Now we give 3 news trading brokers review. first Octafx Fix , XM Zero Or FBS Zero spread first best for you FBS zero spread. if your deposit and withdraw little difficult then little high chance of loss in Octafx Fix spread account. XM zero spread is dangerous for you. always work in group. if you account not in group click here and join world most secure Tani Forex group. if you have any trouble feel free to contact us. our all services 100% on all platforms.

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