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What is Pivot Point in Forex? Calculation Of Supports, Resistance

What is Pivot Point in Forex? Calculation Of Pivot Points, Supports, Resistance By Tani Forex in Urdu and Hindi. In This tutorial You find information about Pivot point Forex trading. Pivot point is a technical analysis indicator use to determine to overall trend of the Forex Market over different time frames. pivot point maximum use in Day 1 Time frame. How can calculate Pivot point , Supports and Resistances? you find all information about this topic in below video in Urdu and Hindi.

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For any Expert traders pivot point information is very necessary. Pivot point ( PP ) Indicator help in Trade entry and stop loss. Below you also find information about Pivot Point ( PP ) Support 1 ( S1 , S2 ,S3 ) And Resistance ( R1, R2 ,R3). if you want information in Urdu watch below full Tani Forex Live pivot point calculation.

Pivot Point Calculation Formula,

First open Mt4, MT4 And select D1 Time Frame. and click on Yesterday Candle. Note Previous candle High , Low and Close Point.

Pivot Point { PP } = ( High + Low + Close ) / 3 =   Pivot Point

First Resistance { R1 } = ( 2 * Pivot Point ) – Low =  Resistance 1

2nd Resistance { R2 } = Pivot Point + ( High – Low ) = Resistance 2

3rd Resistance { R3 } = High + 2 ( Pivot Point – Low ) = Resistance 3

First Support { S1 } = (2* Pivot Point) – High = Support 1

2nd Support { S2 } = Pivot Point – ( High – Low ) =  Support 2

3rd Support { S3} =  Low- 2 ( High – Pivot Point ) = Support 3

For more information about Pivot Point , Resistances and 3 Supports watch below Tani live video. all information about this video in Urdu and Hindi. if you have any trouble about any topic Feel Free to contact with us.  Click here and find about All contact details. Daily One tutorial Free on You Tube click here and join us on You tube Tani Forex channel.

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