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Simple And Profitable Forex Strategy 4 Beginners

Simple And Profitable Forex Strategy 4 Beginners Tani Forex New tutorial in Urdu and Hindi. World NO.1 Simple, Profitable , Easy and without indicator Forex trading strategy. Such a special gift for beginners. if you follow all point of this strategy very soon you become a successful trader.

For this strategy always use STP Broker. In Market maker this strategy not work. For this strategy we suggest you Forex trading broker and account For scalping. Click here and open an account for this strategy in just few seconds. For this simple and profitable Forex strategy 4 beginners open 2 fix spread account. only work on EURUSD pairs. in every account deposit 126$.

In every account trade first on 0.01. First account o.01 EURUSD buy and 2nd account 0.01 trade sell. 10 pips take profit and 10 pips stop loss. No need for any indicator. wait for trade take profit and trade stop loss. one account trade hit tp and 2nd trade hit stop loss. Take profit account trade again 0.01 and stop loss account trade 0.02. 2nd time your one trade hit take profit and 2nd trade stop loss. if 0.01 trade stop loss then trade again on those account 0.01. and 0.02 trade if give 10 pips then again 0.01 trade.

When on every account trade hit on stop loss then trade double volume. when every account trade take profit again trade 0.01. First trade 0.01 2nd trade 0.02 3rd trade 0.04 4th trade if hit on stop loss then trade 0.08 with same 10 pips stop loss and 10 pips take profit. 5th trade 0.16 6th trade 0.32 and if 6th trade in 10 pips loss then 7th trade on 126$ account 0.64.

very low chance of loss 7 trades hit on stop loss. leverage 3000 necessary for this trading strategy. For more information about Simple And Profitable Forex Strategy 4 Beginners watch below video. all information in simple strategy in Hindi and Urdu by Tani Forex.

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