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100% Profit & Success | Auto Copy Trading 10 Secret Tips

100% Profit & Success Auto Copy Trading 10 Secret Tips in Urdu and Hindi by Tani Forex. Auto copy trading is Foreign exchange business is one of the famous way of profit for beginners. In this way no need to trade just deposit in your account, choose master and withdraw profit just. In this tutorial information about octafx trading broker copy trading service.

Remember in mind if you are new in this field remember in mind loss is possible in Auto copy trading. but very low chance of loss. if you visit first time in this website and don’t know about copy trading octa Forex trading broker service just click here and watch 37 mints complete tutorial on copy trading. If you have no account in octaFX trading broker click on open account in few seconds. if you have already account in this broker send an email and want to join Tani Forex Group Just Click on transfer account and send an email to octa. in 24 hour you find email from company.

How to choose master account for your trading? you find 10 tricks in this special tutorial. if you are in loss then copy trading is best for you. first start auto copy trading through low investment. if you think that this is profitable way then start copy trading with high amount. In below understand 10 important points for copy trading.

  1.  Check your balance if you have 200$ then choose 190$ are down master.
  2.  Best for you work 3 are more master in one time.
  3. Check account time if master trading duration 1 are 2 week then leave if master account life 3 months plus then this is best.
  4. Check master trading history.
  5. Check lot size in 100$ 0.01 and if 500$ then 0.03 is best.
  6. Check draw down.
  7.  If a master on top top 10 then first check 1 week. if master rank down 2 are more then this is not good. first check 7 days and then start copy trading.
  8. Check highest loss trade.
  9. Check one time maximum open trade. if maximum trades 5+ then leave this master.
  10.  Check average win pips. if 15+ then choose if average win trade pips 14 are down this master is risky.

For more information about 100% Profit & Success Auto Copy Trading 10 Secret Tips in Hindi and Urdu watch below video tutorial. For more Forex trading education tutorial, Forex brokers and websites review join us on You tube. our all services on You Tube and on website 100% free.

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