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30% Profit Non Repaint Indicator Free Strategy

30% Profit Non Repaint Indicator Free Strategy with Free MT4 Indicator by Tani Forex. In this tutorial you find information about a news and very profitable way of trading. in this trading way no chance of loss. Monthly profit up to 30% Monthly.

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For this short term ( scalping ) Forex trading strategy first deposit minimum 250$. This strategy not work on all Forex trading brokers. Best Forex broker for this special strategy Broker. Click here and open a free special account for this trading strategy.

First click on link and download this non repaint indicator. install in MT4 and open on chart. best time frame for this scalping forex trading strategy H1. 20 Pips stop loss and 20 pips take profit in every trade. all USD currency pairs is best for this trading strategy. Remember in mind always trade on low spread currency pairs. if any currency pairs spread 2.5 plus no need for trade.

If indicator give buy are sell signals trade 0.01 on 250$ account. Stop loss ( SL ) 20 Pips and same Take Profit ( TP ). If your first trade hit take profit 2$ profit in your account. if your first trade hit stop loss don’t wary wait for new trading indicator signals.

Now trade 0.02 with same take profit and same stop loss. if 2nd trade hit TP then your total profit 4$. In first trade loss 2$ and now 2nd trade profit 4$. if your this 2nd trade give you 4 dolor then once again wait for new non repaint indicator signals and trade 0.01. if this trade once again hit on stop loss then your next trade 0.04 with 20 pips stop loss and 20 pip take profit.

in this 0.04 trade total profit if market hit 20 pips profit 8$ and if market against this trading indicator then your loss same 8$. First 2 trades loss just 6$ if 3 rd trade give us 20 pips total profit 8$ means 8$ – 6$ = 2$. after this tp your new trade 0.01 and if this 3rd trade hit stop loss then trade once again 0.08. if 4th trade hit take profit total profit of 20 pips 16$. after this tp trade 0.01 and if 4th trade hit stop loss then trade 0.16.

in this 5th 0.16 trade same 20 pips take profit and 20 pips stop loss. If market give 20 pip in this trade total profit 32$ and if market go against then loss is 32$. previous 4 trade loss just 30$ if this 5th trade give 20 pips total result 32$-30$= 2$. so no loss end of this trade 2$ profit. if this 5th trade hit on stop loss then your new trade 0.32. if this trade give 20 pips total profit 64$. if market hit tp then your new trade 0.01 and if market hit stop loss then your new trade 0.64.

In this 7th trade total profit 128$. previous 6th trades total loss 126$. so in this satiation 128$ – 126$ = 2$. end of this 7th trade previous 6 trades loss recover and 2$ more profit. so this is my own Non Repaint Indicator Free Strategy.

First work through this trading strategy on demo. after one month deposit small amount just 250$ and then work through this trading strategy. For more Forex Non Repaint Indicator Free Strategies join us on You Tube.

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