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How Forex Brokers Make Money Tani Forex

How Forex Brokers Make Money Tani Forex special tutorial in Hindi and Urdu. In this tutorial information about Forex trading business basics. Question of this answer How Forex brokers make money? 4 different ways. in Forex trading business brokers is very important. In all over the world thousands of broker some broker are scammer and maximum broker work better.

In this tutorial admin describer 4 different ways. if you trade on any pair check your trade you find trade in loss. This is not a loss this is spread. 2nd meaning of this spread broker commission. if your trade close in profit then broker charge spread and also if your trade close in loss broker charge spread in start of spread. 2nd way Market making. Market making simple meaning broker not transfer trade to banks. so clients loss is profit of broker.

3rd Swap charges and Withdraw fees. Always good broker not charge fees on withdraw. if day change and trade not close then broker charge a fees. in islamic point of view 2nd name of these charges ‘ SOOD’. Islam not allow swap charges so this is best thing for Muslims maximum brokers give swap free accounts only for islamic countries.

For more information about Forex basics and How Forex Brokers Make Money watch below tutorial. all information about world no 1 business in Urdu and Hindi. For more Forex Free Trading strategies, Forex free indicators, Forex free auto trading reboot Click here and subscribe our You Tube Channel.

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