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5 Very Dangerous News in Forex Trading

5 Very Dangerous News in Forex Trading Tani Forex tutorial in Urdu and Hindi. in this tutorial information about Forex trading account wash. 2nd name of this today special tutorial ‘ Account Wash Tutorial ‘. in this 5 dangerous news list First news election on all currency pairs.

2nd EUR pairs, GBP And USD pairs. First news election News. Election impact is very high some time market go up 500+ and this is also possible in one day market movement 1000+ pips. one more problem about election some time election day sunday are market holiday. in this situation market give a big gap. so this is very risky and dangerous for traders.

2nd News in this 5 dangerous news list ECB Press conference. ECB Press conference time in 5.30 PM Pakistan time. very dangerous news for trading. 2nd name of this conference market trend change data. some time market go up are down on this news 200+ pips. but average market movement 100 pips. ECB Press conference movement only on EUR Pairs. one more thing remember about ECB press conference news market movement not on fix news data time. some time conference movement start after 5 mints are too late.

3rd News in This GBP pairs MPC Official banks rates data. in every 45 days only one time news. in this market movement of GBP Not high but average market movement 70 pips. this news is very profitable for experience traders.

4th news in this list Fomic meaning mintes. this news time in 11.00 PM Pakistan time. dangerous news high impact news. market movement average 100 pips but some time market movement 200+ pips.

5th and last news in this tutorial NFP. USD news on first friday of every month. Pakistan time News time 5.30 PM. For more information about account wash and 5 Very Dangerous News in Forex Trading watch below tutorial. For daily one Forex free tutorial subscribe our You Tube channel.

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